Single Woman, Double Life
ooc: Hiatus Update…

First- for those that remember I live in Northern Cali I’m just fine after the Earthquake last night. It was scary as fuck but no damage done in my neighborhood. Hiccup and I were the only ones who heard it/felt it. My parents where woken up by Hiccup jumping on the bed and barking so they didn’t notice. They were trying to figure out why the dog was barking at 3am.

Second- I’m really not sure if I’m ever going to be back to RP. There is a lot going on in my life and my desire to write isn’t there or showing signs of coming back. I won’t delete this account but I can’t promise to ever RP again.

Those that want to stay in contact with me can message me for email/FB/KIK. I would even be willing to give my phone number to certain people but my phone is off until Sept 1. 

I have enjoyed playing Annie. I enjoyed making friends here. Take care of yourselves! You all rock.

Annie Walker - 5x04 

"…A lot of that, is based on trust."

For the sake of peace, one may lie. But peace itself should never be a lie.
Eyal (quoting the Talmud). Covert Affairs.

I had to get help, far from the CIA.
So you went to Eyal.


covert affairs
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